Writer of Wrongs, Singer of Songs

David Nyro

6 songs that can only be described as "eclectifying!" No typo. It's my mash-up to describe the eclectic, electrifying (we hope) nature of my second ep. We're all over the musical map, from soulful to singer-songwriter, to 80's-ish new wave pop to classic rock ballad. Plus, we got some "name" talent: Mycle Wastman, from "The Voice," Ben Smith, Heart's drummer, Lucas Field, Katie Kuffel, Maddy Dullum, Andrew Joslyn (Macklemore), Jeff Kathan and Jakael Tristram. Recorded at legendary Robert Lang Studios. If you like melodic mainstream music with a little quirkiness, contemporary touches, yet timeless, with some pretty decent lyrics, WOW,SOS is worth a listen, in our 'umble opinion. Thanks!

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