Our Story

David Nyro is the name. Trying to make a living off an elpee's worth of tunes. And then some.

Originally from Connecticut. 13 states later, I'm based in beautiful Tacoma, just down the road from Seattle. Only the traffic sucks. I dig all kinds of music, from all era's - from opera and classical to ambient, bluegrass, jazz, folk and good ol' pop and rock. I imagine it's all mashed up inside, filtering itself in mysterious, organic ways and manifesting in my eclectic songs. You be the judge and jury, please! I greatly appreciate hearing from everyone about my music, the good, the bad and the ugly. It's all good, really.

Since 2009, I'm closing in on 1,000 songs written, give or take. My song count keeps climbing, of course. Some times, it's all too much and just a mess to keep track of. I've got four ep's under my belt, and lots of singles. Seven new, studio-recorded songs - gathered in my 5th ep, "Serious Nowhere" - are warming up in the wings.

I'm also writing a book, "Back From the Dead." Watch my news for updates on that, as well as the music, and everything else.

Like all of us, I have a long and winding story. From artist, to radio and TV, to Seattle band in the 90's, to professional fundraiser for nonprofits, with many stops and detours along the way (Those include barista, record store, factory-worker, river guide, movie actor, census-taker, documentary director and producer, concert promoter and rodeo clown. Okay, just clowning around about that last one.)
I love my son, Oliver, and a family of, well, family, and friends. Other passions include skiing, backpacking, photography, cooking, travel, movies, comic books, NPR, meteorology, history, reading, writing, drawing, making music - of course - hanging with family and friends, learning about everything, mentoring and helping people, being vegan, and so much more.

Looking forward to your questions and ideas. Thank you for listening, commenting and sharing.

Be a positive force in your life and shine a little. We could use more of that.

Peace, love and grace,