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In case y'all missed it! 

Tuesday, May 17 @ 1:05 PM 

My hot damn media coverage for the past month (April - May, 2016) or so: Toot, toot! 

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Huffington Post—song premiere: 
Popmatters—Violence of the Heart song premiere: 


I am way overdue for a conversation, albeit one-way, with my universe. (But let's make it two-way. Please leave a comment or follow me on Twitter or Facebook!)

Where to begin when so much has happened? And is happening! I guess the beginning is a good place. But that's too far back. Let's start in the middle somewhere with the latest recording! I'll TRY and keep it brief. We recorded at legendary Robert Lang Studios, the studio that's hosted such luminaries as Macklemore, Foo Fighters, Train, Nirvana, Death…Read more

"Baby" arrives, just in time for Christmas!! 

Boy, I am terribly excited! My new six-song ep recording "All The Heroes" is ready to be delivered! After months of labor - breathe, breathe - expectations have been exceeded! Thanks to the stellar acumen of studio "mid-wife" and "doula," Michael Connolly of Empty Sea Studios, this baby is ready to come into the world and there ain't no stoppin' her now!! Just a few more contractions before the final/vinyl push, and "All The Heroes" will be making an entrance! Watch this space for status reports and where…Read more

Music is a river that runs both ways. 

Musicians create, listeners react and respond. Both nourish each other in many ways. My "currents" (influences) are many, but who they move, and how, remains to be seen. That's why your feedback is incredibly essential to me. Yes, it's true all creators, no matter what they create, draw on many influences, follow their "inner muse" and try to stay true to what resonates with them.

Yet we don't create in a vacuum.

And we really want people to hear and enjoy our creations. Partly because we'd all love to make a little money in the process because that allows us - hopefully - to be able to continue creating.

So welcome and thank you for visiting. If my songs and style aren't your cup of tea, I sincerely hope you'll pass me along to someone you know who might connect with my "currents."

Final note: "Remembrance Day" is a song with a message and a mission, so we hope you'll consider checking that out. Thanks again!

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