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In case y'all missed it! 

Tuesday, May 17 @ 1:05 PM 

My hot damn media coverage for the past month (April - May, 2016) or so: Toot, toot! 

David Nyro Press 
Huffington Post—song premiere:‐camus‐and‐beyond‐ 

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I am way overdue for a conversation, albeit one-way, with my universe. (But let's make it two-way. Please leave a comment or follow me on Twitter or Facebook!)

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"Baby" arrives, just in time for Christmas!!

Boy, I am terribly excited! My new six-song ep recording "All The Heroes" is ready to be delivered! After months of labor - breathe, breathe - expectations have been exceeded! Thanks to the stellar acumen of studio "mid-wife" and "doula,"…Read more